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Vision and Mission

Compact Composite Impact Engineering Ltd was founded in 2015. We are a small company with strong links to leading Universities in the field. This enables us to identify and translate innovative science to commercial application. We are passionate about further advancing the tools available to engineers for damage-tolerant robust design of composite parts. 


Our mission is the transfer of the latest scientific knowledge on the prediction of composite failure into easy-to-use industrial design tools. We constantly screen latest scientific advancements to identify improvements for the predictive modelling of the ever-expanding number of composite materials used in engineering design. Our core expertise lies with fibre-reinforced composite material with thermoset and thermoplastic matrices including strain rate dependent material behaviour.

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Key People

Dr Jens Wiegand


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Jens has spent his professional career with a focus on composite materials. He graduated from TU-Dresden in Germany where he completed his studies on lightweight design. His undergraduate degree covered aspects of composite design, manufacturing, as well as textile technology. Jens went on to pursue a PhD at the University of Oxford in the UK. He expanded his knowledge towards predictive modelling of Impact on Composites. He worked closely with Rolls Royce PLC, a large British aircraft engine manufacturer that partly funded his research.

Jens continued his work at Oxford beyond his PhD. He took a leading role in establishing the Impact laboratory that has grown to a leading institution in impact research in the UK. He founded COMPACT after gaining project management experience in a coordinating role at a Scientiific Supercomputing Computing Center in Cyprus. This allowed him to build strong expertise in project portfolio management as well as authoring a number of successful EU grant proposals. 

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